American Craft Beer Week 2014

It’s the first day of our celebration of American Craft Beer Week! We have chosen to party in a similar fashion as last year, with a punch card and 6 “Beers of the Day.” Stop into the taproom to pick up your card and first punch on the way to glory (and prizes)! Tuesday: Farmer John’s … Continue reading

Our 100th Batch

This milestone is one that we have been looking forward to since the dawn of time… more specifically in 2012 when we opened our doors to the public, brewing our first batch of Farmer John’s. We are thrilled to share this special occasion with Big Grove Brewery in Solon, Iowa and Brewmaster Bill Heinrich. Our … Continue reading

Weather Beacon Red, Winter Warming is Ahead

It used to be, when you looked up toward Des Moines’ downtown skyline you couldn’t miss the 500-foot lighted beacon atop KCCI studios and would inexplicably begin reciting the rhyme from distant memory. “Weather Beacon red, warmer weather ahead. Weather Beacon white, colder weather in sight. Weather Beacon green, no change in weather foreseen. Weather … Continue reading

Honoring Those Who Serve for Freedom

It has been quite the honor over the past year to make and serve beer to the many servicemen and women that have trickled in to share a cold one and good conversation. For them and all of the brave people serving today and the veterans of the past, we would like to sincerely say … Continue reading

Our First Year in Review

Good ole’ beer has somehow achieved the most perfect balance between art and science. It may sound cliché, but this endeavor honestly did start simply with a passion for beer, the hoppy, or (citrusy, bold, bitter, sweet, malty) goodness that truly does bring people together. A beautiful brewery with awesome beer has long been a … Continue reading